Create unlimited build plans for your LEGO® Bricks

From any 3D model you have created or downloaded.

The Brick Box to build any Mosaic from any Picture you have. Support us on Kickstarter.

We love the creativity and versatility that is sparked by the Bricks that made the LEGO® Company big. And we strongly believe in the creative, economical, and ecological power of these bricks and their ability to become a starship - after having been a building, a car, a ship, or whatever you imagined first.

When you are in need of a plan to get your creativity started, this is where we come in. We create your build plan from any of the 3D models you created or downloaded.

If you are a Minecraft® Designer, just head over to our sister site to create your plan directly from your Minecraft world.

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In 3 simple steps transport any area of your Minecraft® world into a 3D model and get a personal build plan for LEGO® or compatible Bricks.

In 3 simple steps transport any 3D object into your Minecraft® world.

How does it work?

Turn any 3D model into a build plan for your LEGO Bricks...

How to turn any picture or image into a LEGO Mosaic